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Présentation (Le casting)

Here is the team of this crossover.
There are people from the team of http://ubuntufun.de/ (German) and the team of http://leubuntupodcast.org/ but not only : Some of us were coming from Lyon (France), or Spain, and even Asturias !

One of us could not be here during the live, so we recorded him; will you find out who ‘it’ is ?

Ubuntu Party (Paris)

Precursor of the UbuCons, Ubuntu Party is usually a full week-end, in a public area where people can attend for free, with normally plenty of areas like :

  • Conferences : About Ubuntu, free software, net neutrality, your topic ;), …
  • Workshops/Classroom : Take in hand Ubuntu, getting deeper with knowledge, howto, discover a specific software/project, …
  • Showcases : To get a PC, a TV, a Phone, a Tablet, a thing (#IOT), or a server, in your hands, to try yourself on Ubuntu, or even a desktop flavor !…
  • « Install Party » : get a sit with us and install Ubuntu on your own device, we will be with you (usually dual-boot & LTS).
  • FOSS area : Meet associations about FOSS project or net neutrality at their own booth; discover them, start passionate talks, share ideas, understand what is net neutrality, and beyond
  • Between 1000 and 3000visitors : The top was 5000 when Mark Shuttleworth attended in 2009.
  • Between 100 and 150 volunteers : to welcome and guide visitors !

Portal of French speaking Ubuntu Party : http://ubuntu-party.org/

All the news about the Parisians Ubuntu Party : http://ubuntu-paris.org/

Ubuntu Party has today, June, the 10th of 2016, 10 years , so everybody, sing with us « happy birthday » !

UbuCon Europe (Essen, November 2016)

It is THE event of the year to not miss ! UbuCon, Ubu indicate Ubuntu, and Con, stand for Convention. We might probably pronounce this like that : « houbouconne » :

It seems that the Install Party will not be organized as part of the UbuCon as we usually do during the Ubuntu Party, but many conferences will be presented, and luckily for you, mainly in English, by speakers mostly known in the Ubuntu Community, and it could be you !

For example, it was announced during this episode, (very exclusiveness!), that Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, will lead a talk, probably a keynote. Since she has a resume that not everybody own, so we are looking forward to attend her talk. You can find the list of the speakers (pending list) here.

If you wish to be a sponsor of the event, please have a look here, and if you wish to submit your talk have a look there.

It appears that our wonderful crossover team should be present for this international event ;D

All news about UbuCon Europe: http://ubucon.eu

Some speakers of the incoming UbuCon Europe

The News

  • More and more apps are coming to the store as snapp, and even an app with graphical interfaces such as telegram or krita. Related to that, here is a feedback from someone who played with the snapify of FreeCAD.
  • A study one the social engineering and password : by proposing chocolate to people, it was possible to get password or hint on those password, and even private data such as names, ages, birthdays, phone numbers, …
  • Screenly, a nice solution to manage all your screen from 1 app, remotely (broadcasting videos, photos, websites, …), and they have chosen Ubuntu Core for the system, and they have a partnership with Canonical. Screenly has a « community » version and can even be installed on Raspberry Pi 2 that you will hide behind the screens. On the back-office screen, you can create groups so you can manage screens by groups, so you can have that « playlist » on the 3rd stair screens, and another one on the screens in the lobby.
    Screenshot of the screenly's backoffice
    Screenshot of the screenly’s backoffice


  • Plasma Mobile : The Plasma team (the name of the KDE desktop) is working on it’s phone flavor. For this, they are relying on the work of CyanogenMod for the Android base (for the drivers) and of Ubuntu/Neon (for the host system). The current work seems to lead to good start indeed, as they succeeded to display the login screen :
    Plasma mobile's login screen
    Plasma mobile’s login screen


  • The Windows 10 Update that we can’t block, the users can’t refuse to skip the update, it’s with violence that they saw the result. It can be horrible for some user, as you can see with those users who don’t have 6 Go of bandwidth for that update. The « Close » will still trigger the update in the background…
    Windows 10 Update
    Update to Windows 10


  • Google is planning to bring Android to the Raspberry PI 3 !
  • Ubuntu-fr is looking for it’s home, a project currently in study, but that could arrive this year ! Can you imagine a hacker space, with a fab-lab, a work-office, a proof of concept smart home running on snappy, … and all of that open for visitors ? It’s Ubuntu Party on a rolling/permanent cycle !

    The project of Ubuntu-fr presented by Quesh !

  • Canonical was invited to the Samsung Developer Summit, where Didier could tell more about Ubuntu Core. There were also some Snappy Sprint (like in Vancouver)targeting the desktop (expect news on that topic soon!). Last week of Ubuntu Party, there were in Austin (Texas) during the freescale (Nvidia) some Ubuntu demo about internet of things : Ubuntu wants to be the first choice of OS in the #IOT field #Snappy.
  • Jolla announced a new program for its developers’ community : people can get a phone (limited edition) running sailfishOS very easily, with special announces for them, and custom channel updates, (…) but it seems to be already running out of stock !

  • 1rst anniversary of uNav ! We did what was needed to celebrate this, don’t worry ! Marco showed us an under development version that is using offline tile maps. The main event of uNav in this first year is mostly that it started with Marcos, and is now getting contribution from the community and Canonical since it was accepted as a Core app, which means it is now pre-installed on your Ubuntu phone ! unaversaire
  • Mycroft has released a new core version, they are still working on the snappy Ubuntu core version besides, and since this podcast, they also promoted some screenshot of the Gnome-Shell ad-don and the plasma-dekstopversion too !

Extension Plasma (KDE)

Extension Gnome-Shell

  • With OpenStore, if you have the habit to hack up your phone, you can now install your ‘.click’ without any command line, just open it with OpenStore app, and you’re done ! Did you know you can even install OwnCloud client on your phone with OpenStore ?

  • Pebble 2 & Pebble Time 2 are in a crowdfunding campagne ! And within 40minutes they already got their initial goal of USD 1millions (They are now at more than 10millions). Why talk about that device ? Just because this smartwatch can work with your Ubuntu phone thanks to the app launched by Michael Zanetti, I’ve named : RockWork !


Feedback & devices

Then we talked a little bit about Ubuntu’s devices, and the Ubuntu tablet !
While listening to myself again on the record, I (Rudy) find that my feedback is rather harsh, that was because I just pointed out the negatives points, I had muted most of the good points that I had in mind. Here are the things we said:

  • The Side-stage : you can split the screen, and then start a new way of multi task that it was not usualy done like that on that kind of device, I like it, but sadly a little bug on the app that is on the main side will have its top right corner hidden by the other app on sidestage, and that corner usualy hosts the key feature button of the app (I am looking forward for a patch/design choice for that ^^)ubuntu side stage
  • The (hardware) keyboard binding is working well, but for the office (« legacy ») « X » applications, which were not made for the tablet (Xorg, and not Mir), there is a bug, and I hope it will soon be corrected : the configurations of the keyboard are not binded when having the focus on those kind of apps (In the tablet setting you might have choosen AZERTY, it will works for MIR apps, but you will be in QWERTY for X apps running inside your Mir session) so it will happen in Firefox, Gedit, Xchat,Libreoffice and Gimp (installed by default).
  • We are really waiting for the new version (those famous OTAs), because it is obvious that the tablet can offer a way to edit the content, and not offer just a way to consume the content: as a tablet that truly transforms into a laptop. However, with the online tools, I have a productive « office use  » and I think that I’m not the only one who feels comfortable with that kind of web tool in 2016. It’s seems that the tablet is more ready than the current OTA could let us think at first look :)
  • If you find bugs using your phone or your Ubuntu tablet, please visit this site (and become an Avenger!), this way developers will know about the bugs you meet, and will then be able to fix them.

    We also talked about Alan Pope’s video showcasing the Meizu Pro5 Ubuntu Edition phone which connects to a TV screen thanks to a Microsoft WiFi stick (that’s why you see a Microsoft loading screen, nothing to do with the phone OS ^^).


    Conclusion (It’s a pillar box)

    It was a first time for us at the ubuntupodcast.org, and we are looking forward to do it again. So we would like to meet again at ‘UbuCon Europe in November for a new episode of « Le crossover » ! (I won’t tell you more about it, but we might have some surprises there, so join us in Essen 😉 )



    Sources : Ubuntu Party pictures are from Marcos Costales’s blog.

    Note : A big « Merci beaucoup » to the french team who helped to translate this blogpost into english during that workshop, you rocks : rj45, Renard taquin, winalex et bibi !
    Merci la team !



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